Looking for geothermal drilling and installation experts? You've come to the right place. With years of experience installing commercial and residential geothermal systems, we're certified by the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association for jobs large and small. For drilling in the St. Louis area, including mid-Missouri and central Illinois, call Geothermal Experts today!

329952_121614397951247_1949202406_oGeothermal Experts is a drilling contractor providing a full range of geothermal well drilling and heat pump installation services, including horizontal and vertical loop system installation, as well as loop systems for lake applications. We are Department of Natural Resources certified and licensed, and are certified by the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association.

Geothermal heating and cooling systems are quickly growing in popularity, and for good reason. These systems are far more efficient than traditional heating and cooling options, and they can last much longer than conventional systems with less maintenance. However, they require special skills and equipment for proper installation, and that’s when it’s time to call the Geothermal Experts.

Visit our Equipment page to learn about our state–of-the-art drilling rigs, or view our Portfolio for examples of our work in the field. Give Geothermal Experts a call today to discuss any questions you may have about ground source heat pump drilling and installation.

We specialize in Horizontal Boring, Vertical Drilling and Lake Loop systems. Call us for an estimate today!